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Stephen Hawking Trademark

The registered trade mark “STEPHEN HAWKING”, and other intellectual property rights are the property of the Estate of Professor Stephen Hawking.

Professor Hawking’s family appreciates the continuing interest in Professor Hawking and in naming or associating projects in tribute to him. Professor Hawking’s family requests anyone wishing to use Professor Hawking’s name or reputation for any commercial or non-commercial project (including, but not limited to, biographies, films or plays about Professor Hawking and giving his name to buildings and meeting rooms) to approach the family directly via the email address or care of The Stephen Hawking Foundation at the address below for their approval to do so.

The family is happy to co-operate with organisations or individuals wishing to use Professor Hawking’s name for their projects and thanks you for your understanding and cooperation.

The Stephen Hawking Foundation
32 St James’s Street